The Kalevala Women's Association

The Kalevala Women’s Association is a cultural organization comprised of 62 member organizations throughout Finland. The Association’s aims are to preserve, promote and publicize Finnish cultural heritage, particularly Kalevala meter folk poetry. The Association brings together those who cherish Finnish tradition, those who study it, and those who are interested in its modern-day applications.

The Association organizes seminars, courses, public celebrations, concerts, exhibitions and various competitions. The Association’s international activities include maintaining contacts with Finno-Ugric peoples and Finns living outside Finland.

Through our quarterly journal Pirta, the Association seeks to increase its recognition among the Finnish general public as well. The Association also publishes literature regarding Finnish folk tradition.

The Kalevala Women’s Association owns the company Kalevala Jewelry, which produces modern jewelry and replicas of jewelry from the Iron and Viking Ages, thus encouraging the decorative use of ancient Finnish mythological motifs.

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Picture Etelä-Saimaa / Tiina Pasanen.